Surface finishing with foils - finishing furniture, wood & co

KCC produces exclusive films for surface finishing. A special feature of KCC products are embossed foils with a tactile grain. These provide a very realistic look and feel. For example, they make furniture look like real wood.

When designing and finishing surfaces, the use of foils is a significant factor. This finishing technique offers many possibilities to protect wood, glass, metal or plastic and to give them a beautiful design.

One of the main applications of our films is surface finishing in the furniture industry. By applying films to pieces of furniture, great effects can be achieved, such as the realistic grain of wood or marble. But a metal or high-gloss look is also possible. Thanks to foil finishing, it is possible to give even simple furniture a high-quality and individual look.

In addition to design aspects, the protection of surfaces also plays a major role. Our finishing films provide protection against scratching, wear and tear and sunlight.

KCC films are also used for surface finishing in the construction and interior design industries. Floor and wall coverings are foiled to give them a noble look. Here, wood, stone and marble effects as well as abstract patterns and all colours are in demand.

Compared to other materials such as real tiles or wooden flooring, foils are cheaper and easier to install. These factors lead to a steadily growing demand, especially since surface finishing with foils has long since found its way into private households.

Another relevant field of application for surface finishing is the automotive industry. Vehicle interiors can be finished with KCC films to enhance the design and feel of the interior and to protect it from sun and wear.