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We manufacture high quality films from various materials such as metal and plastic. These include primarily environmentally friendly, recyclable PET films, which are made from recycled PET. These films are very durable, temperature resistant and long lasting.

A highlight of our range is the VICENTI Furniture line. This also includes films with embossed surface. Compared to smooth films, embossed films give furniture, flooring and other surfaces a particularly authentic look and feel.

In addition to PET films, we also produce high-quality PVC films for interior use. Our HOMECC Interior Film product line includes films that are not used by the industry, but by craftsmen and end users to adhere to furniture, walls and floors. They are characterised by high formability and durability.

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In the video you can learn about the advantages and installation of our Interior Film products.

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Facts about our PVC and PET films

What are the different types of film offered by KCC and which series do they include?

KCC offers three different film types: Interior Film, Deco (PVC) and Furniture (PET). The Interior Film series includes Soft (Solid, Super Matt Solid and Painted Wood), Trendy (Premium Metal, Metal, Fabric, Leather, Marble/Stone) and Organic (Super Matt Wood, Premium Wood, Real Wood, Natural Wood). The Deco (PVC) series includes Metal Solid, Style Series and Y-Series. Furniture (PET) series includes Real, Texture, Satin and Pure.

What measures should be taken for the storage, transportation, and maintenance of KCC films?

To maintain the quality of KCC films, certain measures should be taken during storage, transportation, and maintenance. The films should be stored and transported carefully in their packaging to prevent damage. Dropping or mishandling the packaging can cause damage to the films. In winter, it is important to avoid freezing water-based primer. Additionally, discoloration may occur due to ultraviolet rays, so it is important to store KCC films in a location that is protected from sunlight.

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